The zion foundation

"Freely you have received, freely give." Matthew 10:8

The Zion Foundation was established in 1997 to encourage, receive and administer gifts to Zion Lutheran Church. When Zion receives gifts or bequests, the funds are invested and the income is used to further the Christian goals of Zion. Income from the fund is used for purposes not traditionally included in the church’s annual operating budget. These include:

Scholarships for further education

Church educational programs            Click on this link to open      

Youth summer programs                     a PDF to print out, fill in &

Mission needs                                           send to Zion Lutheran

Special capital improvements

Aid to persons in special need

Aid for local and community groups

God’s Acres

Since its establishment, the Foundation has dispersed $81,517.62 with current invested assets of $226,816.69 (as of 12/31/13).

All gifts have income and estate tax benefits, and can be received in these ways:


Bequests in wills

Assignment of life insurance benefits

Transfers of property (cash, stocks, bonds, real estate)

Assignments of certificates of deposit

Charitable gift annuities

Why Give to the Foundation?

As we mature in Christian Faith, we experience the joy of giving – getting beyond ourselves and extending helping hands to others in gratitude for our own blessings. A gift through the Foundation allows you to invest in the future of Zion Lutheran Church to further the ministry and support the educational, religious and charitable activities of our church.

Financial benefits to you may include...

taking the charitable contribution income tax deduction

a reduction of federal and state income taxes

a reduction of federal and state estate inheritance taxes

If you are contemplating making gifts of property, or future gifts in the form of a bequest, we encourage you to seek advice from a tax accountant, estate planner or attorney. Gifts are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

If you would like to give to the Foundation, please contact Zion or Pastor Jim (218-495-2563). All contact is held in strict confidence.

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