we see. we hear. we feel god through his acres

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Mission Statement

To provide all ages of the community an outdoor opportunity to inspire and strengthen the health of their body, mind and soul in a natural setting


*Thank you for all you do to provide such a wonderful place for so many to enjoy! Our whole family enjoys it during the summer:) 


*This place is Amazing! Unreal! So cool! Astounded!  M from Fargo

*Great place! Love the simple playground ideas.     from Fergus Falls

*Very special kids' park.     from the Twin Cities.

*It has something for everyone. It is great.  from Richville.

* My favorite part was the swing by the tractor!  This park is so fun.   God Bless you. ♥

*  God's Blessings!! †

*God's Acres:  We have been vacationing on Ottertail Lake for the past 50 years and visited God's Acres for the first time last July. What a wonderful place!!  We took our grandkids and they had so much fun!.. We happened to be there on a clean-up day and all of the volunteers were so friendly and helpful.  Thanks to all who participate in this wonderful ministry project.  We will definitely plan to return next year.. P & R K.

A PLACE "for the body, mInd and soul".

There's a little-known patch of heaven just off of Otter Tail County's scenic Highway 1, south of Ottertail, where everyone is welcome, all the time. 

The gates to this earthly heaven are never closed, and there's never a cost to enter. Walk through, and you'll find the perfect place to rest, play, meditate and simply enjoy all that nature has to offer.

Volunteer Day at God’s Acres

About 50 volunteers took part in the first annual God’s Acres picnic in September.

A big THANK YOU!  goes out to all our volunteers & supporters! 

      God’s Acres is used by hundreds of school

             age children and adults in our community. It

             is a respite for many parents and

             grandparents searching for that perfect

             place to occupy their children or

             grandchildren on a warm, sunny afternoon.

      God’s Acres was the dream of a small

             group of Zion volunteers and was built by a

             large group of volunteers, supporters and


      God’s Acres is maintained by an energetic

             group of volunteers.

      On volunteer day we saluted and thanked

             everyone who has touched God’s Acres in

             any way; but especially we salute our