Youth at zion lutheran CHURCH of amor

  • Sunday School

    Your children are welcome to join in for some fun-filled times of learning about God and forming new friendships! Amor Rocks is our Sunday School program that meets during the school year at 8:40am (before the 10am service). Not only do the kids engage in faith-learning, but they also participate in worship by singing songs, giving seasonal presentations, enjoying children's sermons.

  • confirmation

    Confirmation is a two-year program where the faith of our 8th and 9th graders are built up by studying the Bible, the Small Catechism, and the Lutheran tradition. Classes meet with the pastor twice each month during the school year, except during Lent when students participate in mid-week services. Students also serve as acolytes in worship and each is assigned a mentor who aids their instruction.

  • first comunion

    First Communion instruction is offered for children in grades 4 and up usually every other year. In the class sessions we talk about the meaning of Holy Communion, the Biblical history of Holy Communion, and what it means for us today. We also have a special project where the students create their own chalice (cups) for their first Communion under the direction of Lori Charest of The Potter Daughter pottery shop.